11 Aug 20 - 15:15
notime33: RockSmilegrin

endoftheroad: Thanks Conal

endoftheroad: Hehe Thank Notime

conaltheballbearing: summer is short up here in Canada...so it stands to reason that so should be the work week.Smilegrin

notime33: Thought that wasa normal week for Bankr conal and Canadian holidays..Cool

Lmarrese: Laughing nice

conaltheballbearing: might be a 2 day work week this week.Smilegrin

Lmarrese: that's just crazy talk, notime Razz

notime33: Maybe 11 tomorrow Banker conal?Smilegrin

Conaltheballbearing: Whew....made it in before12 LaughingLaughingLaughing

notime33: Welcome to Til Tuesday/Duran Duran..Wild boy..Wild boyRockCool

Wild_boy: Way thanks Notime..Notime!!! Happy 'Til Tuesday

Wild_boy: Happy Duran Duran Appreciation Day RockCoolYes

Wild_boy: Thanks Notime..Notime!! Everybody hit the deck when the air raid hits!!!

notime33: I see an invasion coming Wild boy.. Wild boy..Cool

Wild_boy: Hey ya Ski!!!Big grin

ski_83: Hi everyone

endoftheroad: Happy Monday

notime33: CoolSmilegrin

Wild_boy: It's a Metal Tango.. Dance Demons!!! Thanks Notime.. Notime!

Wild_boy: It'

Wild_boy: I love the I Don't Like Mondays song.. Thanks Notime.. Notime!!

conaltheballbearing: Good morning early birds!! Always nice to have Non SAM tunes to start a week off.RockRock

conaltheballbearing: Better late than never.LaughingLaughingLaughing

Wild_boy: Isn't he always late to the party? ha ha

notime33: Where's Banker conal?Rock

notime33: Welcome to another Monday...Wild boy..Wild boy.RockCool

Wild_boy: Happy Monday Fellow 80s Kiddos!!! Thanks Notime.. Notime!!

Shubb-NigguRath: notimeCool

notime33: Shubb!!!!RockCool