22 Jan 20 - 22:32
ski_83: YW Wild_boy

ski_83: Laughing conal

conaltheballbearing: Say.....that was pretty good Ski....just saying.LaughingLaughing

Wild_boy: Thanks Ski for some Fixx on the way Smile

ski_83: Hello

conaltheballbearing: THese Electric Boys sound very Warrant like.RockRock

Winter: Thanks.

lilred87: Good one winter

endoftheroad: Happy Wednesday

Wild_boy: Thanks Conal, Yeah gotta get some more favorties. Been working on that Smile

Winter: Morning all.

conaltheballbearing: Good morning Lmarres. Thanks for showing up....like I said before, better late than never.Laughing

conaltheballbearing: Wild Boy....you need to get some more favorites on your list....pretty slim pickings today.Laughing

conaltheballbearing: Better late than never....unless you are dead.Laughing then it's just never again.Laughing

Wild_boy: Good mornign back Conal. No prob.Glad you are late than not here Smile